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Diesel and unleaded gas pumps


This LPG fuel is a great way to help you cut costs and emissions. Talk to Portable Gas Supplies in Wokingham about how Autogas could help you and your vehicle.

What is Autogas?

It’s LPG for vehicles and lower carbon than diesel and petrol.

There are a number of benefits to using particular type of fuel, including Congestion Charge exemptions, car tax reductions and lower duty rates. That means that you can start to save money on fuel, reduce your emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of your business. To find out more about whether Autogas is the right fuel for you, speak to Portable Gas Supplies – it just makes sense. 

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Why choose Autogas?

If you’re worried about the environment, converting and running your car on Autogas might be an option for you to consider. Autogas-powered cars emit 15-20% less carbon dioxide (CO2), fewer nitrogen oxides (NOX) or particulate matter (PM). Being kinder to the environment, vehicles running on Autogas are generally much cheaper to run than petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. At a time when fuel prices are on the rise, Autogas could give you a viable alternative.

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We also supply gas cylinders for:

selection of gas cylinders

BBQs and mobile catering

Patio heaters

Forklift trucks

Welding and cutting equipment

Commercial heating

Ask PGS about Autogas

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