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Pick up all the propane gas bottles you need. Get in touch today. Based in Wokingham, Portable Gas Supplies deliver across the Thames Valley. Have a look at some of the sizes we supply below.

What makes propane perfect for the outdoors?

Propane has a low boiling point which means it won’t be affected by the cold weather when you’re out camping.

It also makes storage a lot easier as well. Clean burning and with a high calorific value, our propane gas bottles and cylinders can be used for your mobile home, portable gas BBQs, and other home appliances. Please be aware that when you buy gas from us in a cylinder, you'll be asked to pay a 'cylinder charge'. This is because it will remain our property and is only used to supply the gas.

propane gas cylinders

Getting your gas delivery sorted

We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and have complete control over the stock we keep. With a wide range of gas bottles and appliances, you always get the best products from us. We can supply cylinders for camping stoves, caravans, portable heaters and everything in between. You get to enjoy a great deal on gas, free delivery on orders over £30 AND you get to support a leading local business. Get in touch and get your order in.

gas in hands

Propane cylinder sizes:

selection of gas cylinders







Order as much propane as you need from PGS

Call our gas suppliers in Wokingham on

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