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Many of the Gas tanks, Propane-butane


If you don’t have a mains gas supply, talk to the team at Portable Gas Supplies and we’ll make sure that you have as many LPG gas bottles as you need. Based in Wokingham, we deliver across the Thames Valley. Get in touch to arrange a delivery.

No mains gas? Doesn’t matter!

LPG is incredibly versatile, and is one of the most common types of fuel for off grid customers.

It can be used for everything, from cooking and heating to forklift fuel, and is one of the lowest carbon conventional fuels available. It emits 33% less CO₂ than coal, making it a more environmentally friendly option as well. Just let us know how much you need and we’ll deliver to your door.


Liquefied Petroleum Gas for your home

More than 193,000 homes across the UK use LPG as their primary fuel, helping them to heat their property and their hot water. It’s also increasingly being used alongside renewable energy such as wind and solar by families looking to reduce their emissions. It’s cheaper than other options such as air source heat pumps and PGS can make sure you never run out.

gas in hands

Commercial LPG gas

selection of gas cylinders

LPG is used by businesses across the Thames Valley. Some of the applications include:

Caravan parks

Forklift truck fuel


Powder coating


We appreciate that you’ll need much larger quantities, however our bulk delivery service can make sure you have as much as you need and we’ll even deliver to multiple sites.

Our bulk gas suppliers can sort it

Call PGS in Wokingham on

0118 976 2477
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