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A beautifully designed garden patio with a fire pit


At Portable Gas Supplies, our high performance leisure gas can be used for everything from cooking to outdoor heating. Contact our team in Wokingham in the Thames Valley to arrange delivery.

Free local delivery

If you’re all about convenience and hate hassle, you’ll love our leisure gas.

Suitable for all outdoor applications including BBQs and patio heaters, it’s just as effective in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. If you want to get stocked up, spend more than £30 and enjoy free delivery across the Thames Valley. Get in touch to find out more.

young chef catering an outdoor event

Ideal for outdoor events

If you want to hold an event out in the Thames Valley, catering and heating are a must. Leisure gas can be used for both, and our team in Wokingham can also provide propane and butane bottles and gas cylinders. Domestic or commercial, we have an enviable reputation as a trusted supplier. We also offer a bulk service for businesses that need more than just a replacement.

gas in hands

We supply the following gas bottles and cylinders

Propane: 47kg, 19kg, 18kg, 11kg, 6kg and 4.7kg


Butane: 13kg, 7kg and 4.5kg


selection of gas cylinders

Gas cartridges

To schedule a one off or regular deliveries, get in touch today.

Leisure gas –
it’s just less hassle!

Call PGS in Wokingham on

0118 976 2477
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